Mantra Ganesh – 2″ Reclining – Ganesh

Our faux ivory statue of the reclining Ganesh is rich in intricate details. This statue is a direct contrast to our statue of Reading Ganesh who is close to an abstract image. They are examples of the fact that Ganesh’s imagery is not static, and Ma’s India works hard to provide you with a plethora of choices.

Here Ganesh is holding in his right hand a piece of one of his tusks. He broke it off in order to use it as a pen to write the Mahabharata which he holds in his left hand for humanity. The tusk is a symbol of Ganesh’s sacrifice. Another interpretation for the broken tusk is that you are advised to retain what’s good and throw away the bad in order to overcome all forms of duality. You can see why Ganesh is often called the Hindu God of Scholarship.

Call on Ganesh to bring you happiness and prosperity. He loves to remove obstacles in your path. The more you ask of this deity, the more prosperity comes your way. –

  • This reclining Ganesh statue is a favorite of ours.
  • He is made of a material that resembles ivory and is warm to the touch with plenty of detail yet only 2” tall.
  • Ganesh’s elephant’s ears remind you to listen more, according to Hindu beliefs.
  • Hindu’s also say Ganesh’s large head reminds you to think big, while his minimal mouth warns us to talk less.
  • The composite material in our Reclining Ganesh Statue is durable and can easily by cleaned with water and a mild soap.

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