Kirtana|Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore – Robert Gass

His first release in several years (the last being 2003’s Awakening), Robert Gass and On Wings of Song are back and in fine form with Kirtana. Like their previous Indian chant album Om Namah Shivaya, Gass and company delight with their spiritual potency, great backing instrumentation and the always transcendent On Wings choir. Unlike Om Namah Shivaya, Kirtana focuses on kirtan-style chant, with Gass and singer Danya River taking the lead roles and the choir proving the “response” portion of the chants. The mantras on Kirtana are mostly familiar, including “Om Shanti,” “Govinda Hare,” etc.; and all sung with ethereal grace and beauty from those involved. On the instrumentation side, Gass has amassed an impressive roster of backing players, with Wah (violin), John McDowell (percussion), Steve Gorn (flute), Ty Burhoe (tabla) and Hans Christian (sarangi, sitara) filling out the ranks. Kirtana is a Robert Gass CD you won’t want to miss!-

  • Kirtana is Robert Gass and On Wings of Song’s first release since 2003…well worth waiting for!
  • Kirtana has some very familiar chants that you’ll be able to join in on very easily.

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