GIRISH: Reveal


Girish presents ancient Sanskrit mantras with a modern spin on his debut album for Spirit Voyage Music. What sets this album apart from other chant-based releases is the choice of backdrops. The music has a strong pop/rock element to it, somewhat comparable to the style of the Dave Matthews Band. Guitars, keyboards, bass, saxophone and other Western staples are used liberally throughout the recording alongside harmonium, ektar and some other Asian oriented instruments. Even the arrangements are reminiscent to the catchy hooks of Western music. Girish has a voice that is smooth and deep with a faint bit of grit. His take on these mantras is fresh and unique; in other words, a “must hear” for anyone with a taste for contemporary flavored chant.The third track, Hanuman, is a wonderful hip hop version of the chaleesa – you really have to know the words well to sing along with this one!

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