Global Transmissions is a satisfying, if sprawling, look at world music, from the microtonal East Indian guitar work of Axiom of Choice to the ethno-techno dance slant of Afro Celt Sound System, with stops along the way in Latin music and African sounds, and even the obligatory Celtic touch. While there’s nothing that hasn’t been released elsewhere, the sheer range, and good programming of the discs, ensure plenty of treats, with Mexico’s Lila Downs, Ayub Ogada, and Altan coming across as especially impressive. Not everything is new, but that’s really not important since none of this music comes with a sell-by date; good music is timeless. Seasoned listeners may already have albums by many of the artists here, but for those dipping a toe into worldly waters, it’s an excellent place to start. –Chris NicksonDISC: 11. Yolele – Papa Wemba2. Whirl-Y-Reel I – Afro Celt Sound System3. Mario Takes A Walk – Jesse Cook4. Lagrimas Negras – Cuba L.A.5. Valentin – Susana Baca6. Night In The South – Jose Luis Encinas7. Minha Familia – Waldemar Bastos8. Simuna – Lila Downs9. Mustt Mustt – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan10. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti – Sheila Chandra11. Iamagit – Telek12. Mayengo Reel – John Whelan13. Offering Chant – Lama Gyurme/Jean-Philippe Rykiel (unplugged)DISC: 21. Inward Coil, The – Vas2. To Walk – Tama3. Sodewou – Maryam Mursal4. Son De La Liberacion – Los De Abajo5. Ole Cinco – Willie & Lobo6. Ondiek – Ayub Ogada7. Parvaz – Axiom Of Choice8. Dil Ki Doya – Raban Das Baul/Sam Mills9. Loco Por Ti – Oscar Lopez10. African Sunset – Zap Mama11. Gi Pai Pa Yul Chola – Yungchen Lhamo12. Sin Lagrimas – Bloque13. Waves Of Gola, The – Altan

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