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The Goddess Durga is also commonly known as, “Mother Durga.” Durga is depicted as having 10 arms and is a supremely radiant Goddess. She is often riding a lion or tiger with weapons in her hands. The vast majority of the time Durga is seen maintaining a meditative smile and performing hand gestures with her free hands. Durga is not dependant on anyone or anything. She is known as a fierce, demon fighting Goddess who participates in spiritual battles of epic proportions. Here at Mas-India.com we have some fabulous Goddess Durga products for you to choose from. No matter if you are a beginner, or a Hindu expert, these fabulous gifts are perfect for everyone.

The Hindu Statue Durga is 14 inches of pure delight. This statue is a wonderful way to celebrate the Goddess Durga. The statue depicts Durga seated on her famous tiger. This Durga statue features full, brilliant colors. You will see reds, purple, blue, gold and green colors on this Goddess Durga statue. The statue is made from clay and would be a great keepsake for the years to come. This beautiful Goddess Durga statue would be a lovely gift to the Hindu lover that you know.

Wall art is a wonderful way to enhance any room in your home. The Durga Sequin Cloth Print is a great piece of wall art that will surely have people in awe. The Durga Sequin Cloth Print is a hand painted cloth depicting the Goddess Durga. This hand painted cloth features hand sewn gold sequin highlights. The Print is approximately 30” x 40” in size. This is a great size for any wall in your living room area. Fabulous wall art can be a great conversation piece for any home. The Durga Sequin Cloth Print would be a wonderful Hindu piece for you to have on your wall.

If you are interested in reading an in-depth book on the Goddess Durga, Durga, by Chitraklekha Singh is just the book for you. This fabulous book will appeal to those interested in religion, mythology and art. This book will take you through the battles of the Goddess Durga and allow you to explore the excitement of mythology. Anyone interested in religion, mythology or art will certainly love this fascinating work by Singh. You will also enjoy the great low price of under $10.

No matter what you are searching for regarding the Goddess Durga, we have a vast array of products and information about her. The “Woman who rides the Tiger” has lived on for centuries through wonderful art, stories and the spoken word. Anyone interested in the Hindu religion, or religion itself, would certainly love learning more about the Goddess Durga. You can do so today at Mas-India.com.

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