Kali, the Goddess of Death and Destruction

The Goddess Kali is the Hindu Goddess that is associated with death and destruction. Goddess Kali is a consort of the God Shiva, whose body she is often portrayed as standing on. Goddesses play an important role in Tantra, which is a form of Yoga. The Goddess Kali seems to have a dominant presence in many Tantric texts and rituals. Some even put the Goddess Kali as the highest of all deities. Regardless of her stature, The Goddess Kali is often seen as a four-armed form or a 10-armed form. Kali is described as black, or dark in complexion. Her eyes are often spoken about as being red in rage.

The book Encountering Kali: In the margins, at the center, in the west is a fascinating read by McDermott and Kripal. This book explores the Hindu Goddess Kali as a bloodthirsty warrior, a goddess of ritual possession, a Tantric sexual partner and an all-loving, compassionate Mother. McDermott and Kripal explain how the Goddess Kaliís popularity has risen in the western culture recently. Due to this explosion in popularity, different interpretations of the Goddess Kali and the understanding of her has become a mixing pot of information. This Goddess Kali book uses scriptural history and other tools to pose interesting and relevant views questions about Kali and her life.

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