Gods and Goddesses Deck – Out of Stock

Lovers of Indian or Hindu myths will enjoy this visually delightful card deck. Each card highlighting one deity is a mini-masterpiece of Indian art by Indra Sharma. The reverse side of the card contains a mantra, a meditation, and four blessings related to the Hindu deity’s story. The deck contains cards for well-known deities like the Buddha, Sri Krishna, Hanuman, and Mahadev Shiva as well as lesser known figures such as Agni (God of Fire), Narada (Sage of the Gods), Yamuna Devi (Goddess of Purification), and Kumra (The Tortoise Avatar). The deck provides plenty of stimulation for reflection and meditation.

The artist Indra Sharma is well respected and his work is widely distributed in India via calendars and cards. Indra Sharma excels at producing images of saints and deities in beautiful settings. He finds his inspiration in the classics of Hindu spiritual literature, the Puranas and the Upanishads. Indra Sharma combines the traditional Nathadwara art techniques he learned from Shri Gopilal and Shri Khubilal with his training at the prestigious JJ School of Art in Mumbai. As you go through the Gods and Goddesses card deck his mastery of the traditional is evident, but you’ll delight at the contemporary elements he introduces. –

  • 52 illustrated cards with one Hindu god or goddess on it.
  • Cards include four blessings that are related to the deity.
  • The boxed deck includes a fold-out leaflet containing the various symbols of the pantheon, like a conch or a lotus, or a bow.
  • The Gods and Goddesses Deck makes an inspiring gift for a friend or for yourself.

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