Meditation Drum – David & Steven Gordon

“Meditation Drum” is one of a kind. This is not hype but fact. With this CD, David and Steve Gordon have created meditation music that for the first time features shamanic drums as the main instrument. The Gordons bring over 25 years of experience in producing healing shamanic music to their newest creations. They already possess recognized skills in shamanic drumming. On Meditation Drum, the Gordons turn their talent toward meditation music, music to help you glide seamlessly into a deep relaxation. Meditation Drum is being hailed as an entirely new kind of meditation music. David and Steve Gordon’s shamanic drumming is enhanced by the addition of Native American flute music and the resonating tones of both Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls. Their blend of sounds gently draws you into a nourishing yet peaceful state of inner peace.

Shamans since ancient times have recognized the power of drum music as a tool for going into one’s soul center. David and Steve Gordon have taken those ancient ideas and brought them into the 21st century in Medition Drum. In the process the Gordons have created a new concept in New Age music…a global shamanic drum music for meditation.-

  • When you listen with an open heart, shamanic drum music anchors you to your own center.
  • This CD is the first of its kind, using shamanic drums as the main instrument in meditation music.
  • Resonating bowls and a Native American flute enhance the musical value of the collection.
  • Meditation Drum is a tonal experience you won’t want to miss.

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