Green Tara Goddess Incense 8″ – Tibetan Incense

Green Tara Goddess Incense reflects this great meditational deity. The story goes that Godís tears at seeing human kindís suffering brought forth two Taras; a peaceful white Tara from the left and a fierce Tara from the right. In a historical sense, Goddess Tara, is considered a female Buddha, and is arguably the most popular goddess in the Buddhist pantheon of deitys. Tara is considered to be the goddess of universal compassion.Green Tara Goddess Incense represents the one who enables living beings to cross the Ocean of Existence and Suffering’. Her compassion for living beings, her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be even stronger than a mother’s love for her children. Tara might also be considered one of the earliest feminists. The story says that the Tibetan monks prayed that this generous Goddess be born as a man and spread Buddhist teachings. Tara responded that there was no male and no female. Hence the monks heard her insistence that females were as capable of enlightenment as males. Interesting, huh? Get some reading material on Tara from Maís Indiaís book section. What an adventure!-

  • Green Tara Goddess Incense is 8Ē long.
  • Green Tara Goddess Incense is very inspirational.

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