GROUND ZERO: Various Artists


The second release from fledgling Shakti Records (an ambient/rhythmic division of Narada), Ground Zero is an intriguing compilation project of 11 groove-inclined tracks that each feature some type of odd or exotic spin. The assorted acts (DHOL Foundation, Juno Reactor, Transglobal Underground, et al.) often make use of Indian or Arabic influences in their electronic mixes, ranging from the slightly warped sitar in “Throw Down” from the Ananda Shankar Experience to the ethereal female wails and pulsing undercurrents that make “Fingers,” by Joi, one of the disc’s most involving tracks. At times more cerebral than overtly danceable (the haunting “Songs for Ancestors” from Juno Reactor, for instance), Ground Zero could appeal to Enigma/Deep Forest listeners who possess a more serious interest in world rhythms and instrumentation. The DHOL contribution, “Shin the Mechanic,” is a previously unreleased track. –Terry Wood1. Fingers – Joi2. Easy Muffin – Amon Tobin3. Throw Down – Ananda Shankar Experience/State Of Bengal4. Sweet Pain – Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan/Michael Brook (R&D Division remix)5. Rise – Craig Armstrong6. Shin The Mechanic – Dhoi Foundation7. Ali Mullah – Transglobal Underground8. O.U.R. – Sheila Chandra9. Ganga Dev – DJ Cheb I Sabbah10. Stepping Stones – TJ Rehmi11. Journey, The – Juno Reactor/Amampondo

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