LAMA GYURME: Lama's Chants


Originally released almost a decade ago, THE LAMA’S CHANT is a landmark recording that blends the serene, humble singing of Lama Gyurme with ambient synthesizer backdrops by Jean-Philippe Rykiel. Although creating a tasteful blending of Eastern and Western cultures is always a balancing act, THE LAMA’S CHANT is a wonderful example of how moving the results can sound when done correctly. Lama Gyurme’s voice is in the medium ranges and has a melodic quality to it, which makes listening to him very hypnotic. The synthesizer work of Rykiel is very non-obtrusive, swirling in the backdrop and acting to enhance Lama Gyurme’s voice rather than exist as a separate entity. Included are two discs – the first offers songs for awakening and enlightenment (the original LAMA’S CHANT CD) and the second presents a series of cuts that were performed live at concerts during the late 90’s.

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