Pure Sounds – Gyuto Monks

Pure Sounds by Gyuto Monks is truly out of this world. Tantric meditation and ritual arts, including harmonic overtone chanting, and Buddhist philosophy are studied at Gyuto Monasteries and are all integrated into Pure Sounds. The Monastery was originally in Tibet where the Gyuto monks learned vocal music to prepare to perform certain rituals and ceremonies. Following the communist Chinese invasion in 1959, the Gyuto Monastery relocated to India. It is now in Dharamsala near the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Monastery has branched out with centers in San Jose, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Adelaid, South Australia; and Taipei, Taiwan as well as parts of India.

Pure Sounds will really “blow your mind” – a good thing! The harmonic overtone chanting learned by the monks at Gyuto Monasteries is musically difficult to master. The singer seeks to make audible sounds usually inaudible. By changing the shape of the mouth, larynx and pharynx selected overtones or harmonics are amplified in a single sustained note. This creates a sound described as unearthly, angelic and with bell-like tones, that floats above the deep voices of the chanters. Others compare these human sounds to the resonance of a digeridoo or a drum.–

  • On Pure Sounds, by the Gyuto Monks, the sound produced by harmonic overtone chanting is said to have a transformative effect.
  • Harmonic overtones are felt to remove impurities and clear your path to enlightenment.
  • Chants on Pure Sounds include: Mahakala, Heart Sutra, Jis Pai Bhum Chung Original, Mandala Offering, Dedication Prayer, Dalai Lama Long Life.

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