Tibetan Tantric Choir – Gyuto Monks

In the late 1950’s, the Gyuto Monks (alongside the Dalai Lama) were forced from their Tibetan homeland into a life of exile in nearby India. To spread awareness of their plight, 21 of the Gyuto monks traveled to the United States and, after meeting with percussionist Mickey Hart, recorded Tibetan Tantric Choir, a CD of multi-textured overtone chanting. Tibetan Tantric Choir is divided into two extended-length tracks. The first focuses solely on the deep, gutteral chanting of the Gyuto monks without any instrumental accompaniment. The second incorporates some light drumming and flutes, often performed as interludes that punctuate the chanting. Tibetan Tantric Choir is an example of prayer rather than performance and features high tech recording techniques that were incorporated to preserve its authenticity.-

  • Tibetan Tantric Choir is a truly exhalted example of the sounds of the Gyuto Monks.
  • The Gyuto Monks carry on their incredible musical tradions on Tibetan Tantric Choir.

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