Tibetan Chants for World Peace – Gyuto Monks

Producer Mickey Hart spent over two decades trying to bring the transcendent sonics of the Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir to Western ears. His work paid off in the ’80s, resulting in a tour of America by the choir, as well as three full length recordings. With Tibetan Chants for World Peace, Hart attempted to do something a little more ambitious with the Gyuto Monk’s choir’s overtone chanting. With the permission of the Gyuto Monks, he has used overdubbing techniques to re-create the sound of a 100-voice choir, what one might hear if they were residing in Dharamsala’s Gyuto Tantric University. The sound on Tibetan Chants for World Peace is mind-boggling in its depth – the collective overtone chants wash over you like a fluid wave of sound, a polyphonic tapestry that takes the listener to a higher level of consciousness. Makes one believe that World Peace is really within reach.-

  • Tibetan Chants for World Peace sends into the atmosphere the real hope and possibility for World Peace!
  • The Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir will lift you out of your seats and into the stratosphere where all is truly peaceful.

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