Peace of Mind – Steven Halpern

Over the course of the last thirty years, Steven Halpern has built a legacy in the realm of healing music, having crafted dozens of albums aimed at maximizing the therapeutic potential of music. Some have been stronger than others, including Peace of Mind, which finds the artist at the top of his game. Performed solo on a Yamaha C-17 Grand Piano, the music of Peace of Mind is a 78 minute stream of consciousness, where the piano dances in a fantasia of healing colors. The fact that this was completely improvised is impressive, given that the music on Peace of Mind has much more nuance and melodic complexity than you would expect from such an endeavor. Halpern describes the music in the liner notes as “zen impressionism” and that term is fitting – the use of silence fits with zen themes and the overall feel is similar to something from Debussy or Satie. Peace of Mind, a wonderful place to go.-

  • Peace of Mind is one of Steven Halpern’s most powerful creations.
  • Peace of Mind is so totally therapeutic, you’ll really want to share it with your friends who are stressed out!

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