Hanuman Sanjivani Statue – Hanuman

The Hanuman Sanjivani Statue has a big story behind it. The Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic. It tells of Lord Ramaís quest to recover his kidnapped wife Sita with the help of his brother Lakshman and the monkey Hanuman. Lakshman is wounded in the war against Ravana, the demon who captured Sita. He is struck with an arrow by Ravanaís son, Indrajit, and falls unconscious. At the time the Ramayana was written, being unconscious was regarded as being dead. Stay with us now. The Hanuman Sanjivani Statue is worth it!

Hanuman is sent to fetch Sanjivani, a powerful life-restoring herb. Sanjivani according to myth is a magical herb which has the power to cure any malady. It grows on a mountain in the Himalayas, some say Mt. Dunagiri. Todayís scientists have tried to identify the herb from local flora but itís still in dispute. Itís no wonder Hanuman had trouble finding the herb. In the Ramayana when Hanuman is unable to identify the herb he decides to solve the problem by simply lifting the entire mountain up and bringing it to the battlefield. Hanumanís solution seems eminently practical to us. Ė

  • Hanuman Sanjivani statue stands 2-1/2Ē tall.
  • Made of faux ivory (resin) that is hand cast and durable.
  • The statue can be cleaned with warm water and liquid soap.
  • Hanumanís statue can be used as an example, inspiring you to be creative, persevering, and selfless in serving others.

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