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Hinduism’s gods and goddesses personify aspects of a spiritual life. Hanuman is called the god of compassion, service and humility and his life was one of devotion. Hanuman’s story is told in the Indian classic “the Ramayana.” In ancient times the story was written down in Sanskrit. Today there are numerous translations. Ma’s India’s book section has several eminently readable copies of the story. William Buck’s translation is notable for its ease of understanding for Westerners while retaining the deep devotion of the original. “The Ramayana” tells of Hanuman’s service to his Lord, Rama, who is an incarnation of the god Vishnu. Together they go on a quest to rescue Rama’s wife, Sita, who has been kidnapped. Hanuman performs amazing feats in the narrative, including flying across the ocean between India and Sri Lanka, which is depicted on the poster. The book is famous for inspiring readers with a desire to face their worldly challenges. Many feel “The Ramayana,” like other Scriptures, offers guidance on how to overcome your life challenges.

Hanuman has become a symbol of physical prowess, perseverance and devotion. You can use his life story in meditation. When you meditate on Hanuman it is possible to learn something exists that is greater than your will. You can improve your ability to see how to serve others without enabling. It is said if you ask Hanuman for humility and kindness you are setting the stage for happiness and joy will come your way.

  • Flying Hanuman poster size is 14” x 19”.
  • It is said the goddess Parvati told Shiva the world needed to learn humility.
  • Her consort Shiva listened and took birth in the form of a monkey.
  • Shiva chose the monkey as his form because it was the animal least feared by humans at that time.
  • Hanuman was born to watch over and to serve Rama. His story is told in “The Ramayana,” a classic Hindu scripture.

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