Hanuman Sequin Cloth Print – Clearance

There is a wonderful tale of adventure in Indian scripture called the “Ramayana.” It is a story about Hanuman, a monkey, who assists Rama in his quest to reclaim Sita (Rama’s kidnapped wife) from the demon Ravana. The original was written down by the great poet Valmiki some 2,000 years ago. If it is your first time reading this classic, consider William Buck’s translation. It’s lovingly written in a contemporary style that fully captures the spirit & devotion of the original while being easily understood by Westerners.Once upon a time the great god Shiva and his consort Parvati were looking at the muddle humans had made of life. Parvati told Shiva what humanity needed was more humility. Shiva decided to take the form of an animal to teach us humility. He chose the form of a monkey as it was the animal least feared by humans, and so Hanuman was born. All over the world people read about Hanuman’s exploits and see spirit in action, this great god living life as a monkey and doing his utmost to help Rama. Hanuman’s story is famous for inspiring readers with a desire to face their worldly challenges, while providing concrete examples of how to win. It is also a marvelous tale of how to treat animals, showing you never know what god has taken what form when coming to earth.

Hanuman is also a symbol. He symbolizes perseverance, devotion and physical prowess. In addition, if you meditate on Lord Hanuman, devotees find they feel safe and secure in their lives. –

  • Our moving cloth print of Hanuman measures 30” by 40” approximately.
  • Hanuman was printed by hand on fabric.
  • In addition, gold sequins were sewn on by hand to add a touch of glamour to the pring.
  • Hanuman is shows bringing a whole mountain of plants to Rama, who wanted some for healing.
  • Hanuman is holding a mace, his weapon of choice.

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