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The essential oils of roses and geraniums are blended in Crystal Journey Candle’s Heart Chakra Candle. Rose oil is there to heal old wounds to your heart and to enhance your sensual pleasure. Geranium calms and soothes you. Together they make a powerful aromatic statement in your meditations or your sacred space, while the deep green of the candle pleases your eye and visually takes you out of doors.When your heart chakra is blocked you could get asthma, a congestive heart condition, or breast cancer. You will experience feelings of disappointment, sadness, jealousy, depression, bitterness, loneliness, or rejection. Self-centeredness is another symptom of a blocked heart chakra. Besides burning this lovely heart chakra candle and receiving the aromatic benefits of rose and geranium, you could listen to sacral, classical, or meditation music to rebalance the heart chakra. Leafy green vegetables and green teas are helpful also. Take a walk in a green countryside or contemplate pink sunsets and flowers for relief. Swimming, push-ups, and hugs are excellent for balancing the heart chakra. For a deeper healing or balancing, combine these activities with those for healing the Third Eye Chakra.

Mystery Arts has provided an informative text for the candle’s wrapper loaded with facts about heart chakra body associations, related gemstones and the benefits of wearing them, associated planets and zodiac signs. Crystal Journey Candles Heart Chakra Candle is a complete experience sure to satisfy you in many ways. –

  • The heart chakra is also known as the Anahata.
  • Your wounded heart is healed here.
  • An open heart chakra gives you the ability to show your love actively, unconditionally.
  • The Heart Chakra Candle is made in the USA, by hand, in Essex, CT.

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