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The authors of “Heart Yoga” proclaim they wrote the book to share their belief that a union, or marriage if you will, of seeming opposites is necessary to help heal humanity at this time in history. They further contend that yoga can facilitate this healing. Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erikson find yoga is able to be practiced in some fashion by all body types at all ages. They designed “Heart Yoga” to take you on an inner journey to explore ancient traditions of unity between body, mind, and spirit.

Harvey and Erikson present yoga in a practical manner, their approach is not esoteric or complicated. Yet when yoga is practiced multiple benefits accrue: reduction of stress, improved physical health, and improved mental clarity among them. However the authors feel yoga has a higher purpose than just your own well-being. Harvey and Erikson see yoga as “one of the universally available, essential ways of bringing order out of chaos, light out of darkness, grace out of turmoil, peace out of torment, and focused clarity out of the maelstrom of bewildering change in our world today.” You are sure to find plenty to arouse your curiosity and benefit your life in “Heart Yoga.” –

  • Paperback, 280 pages.
  • Published by North Atlantic Books, 2010.
  • Contains plenty of illustrations and instructive photos.
  • “Heart Yoga” is a blending of hatha yoga with poetry, visualizations and practices from world-wide spiritual traditions.
  • Written by Karuna Erikson, a long time teacher of yoga, and Andrew Harvey, spiritual writer and activist.
  • “Heart Yoga” brings readers back to the basic tenet of yoga: reaching a state of unity with the divine essence.

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