Heart Chakra Anointing Oil – Chakra Oils

The Heart Chakra Anointing Oil is 100% pure essential oil. Perhaps the most important of the chakras is the Heart Chakra, for when it is blocked you are unable to feel love and affection. Emotional issues around a blocked Heart Chakra are resentment, bitterness, self-centeredness, and loneliness. Physical problems of blockage could be congestive heart failure, heart attacks, asthma, lung or breast cancers. When the Heart Chakra is spinning freely, you are able to love without expecting anything in return. The balancing, exhilarating and awakening blend of essences in our Heart Chakra Anointing Oil contains rose geranium, high-altitude lavender, bergamont and rose otto.-

  • 100% pure essential oil.
  • Each bottle contains 7.4 ml or 1/4 fl. oz.

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