Hematite Pendant – Crystals/Gems

Our Hematite Pendant is wire wrapped and 1 ˝” long. Hematite is a silvery, shiny, opaque stone that almost looks like metal. Ancient Egyptians used hematites as ornamental objects placed inside their tombs. Red ochre was used by prehistoric artists in their cave paintings. Nowadays hematite may also be used as a polishing powder and as a paint pigment. Hematite is said to be a good healing and grounding stone, strengthening the body and improving resistance to life’s stresses. Hematite inspires inner life and helps to keep inward peace. Hematite is a very powerful stone to wear and on which to meditate.-

  • Our Hematite Pendant is wire wrapped.
  • It is 1 and ˝ inches long.

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