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Stop fretting! Note the most important word in the productís name: jagua. That means this kit does not contain the black henna youíve been warned to avoid. It also does not contain PPD! What it does contain is the answer to your desire to have a black tattoo that is temporary, safe to use, and dramatic. The co-owner of the company that produces our Jagua Black Tattoo Kit (Paul Giacomini), traveled up the Amazon on a tip into areas well beyond tourist visits. There he found indigenous people using the jagua fruit for many purposes besides tattoos for special occasions. Giacomini found the tribes used jaguar culturally, spiritually, and physically. Fascinating indigenous stories surround the jaguar fruit: the tree it grows on is their tree of life. Jagua tea fights the common cold. The black decorations from unripe fruit is said to turn you into a fierce warrior. Scientists have now found the jaguar fruit has antibiotic properties. Giacominiís company established trade practices with these tribes that benefit both parties and the jagua dye is now available to all of us. The Jagua Black Tattoo Kit contains no harmful chemicals. No needles are needed to create your dynamic black tattoo with this kit. If you donít like it, the tattoo is gone in 10-15 days!

Just like some people are allergic to strawberries, peanuts or shellfish, not all natural products are safe for everybody. Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for your own safety. This product does not contain any henna.

  • The hottest new kit in body painting Ė safe, simple, all-natural black tattoos.
  • South American jaguar is an edible fruit! Itís found in the remote parts of the Amazon jungle.
  • Jaguaís dye (from unripe fruit) does not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals.
  • Your blue-black tattoo lasts 10-15 days.
  • Comes pre-mixed in an applicator bottle; no needles needed.
  • Earth Henna Jagua Black Tattoo Kit contains 2 transfer stencil sheets and 2 applicator tips Ė enough for a bridal shower!

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