Henna Floral Tattoo – Temporary Tattoos

Ten ready-to-use intricate designs are printed in our cute little Henna Floral Tattoo booklet. The tattoos are printed using a brownish-red ink that is similar in color to henna. You can have in a few moments the look of a tattoo by a mehndi artist. Just press on, moisten and peel off the design.Tattoo is actually not the proper term. A tattoo is created by using a needle to permanently dye your skin. Our henna-look ink is temporary and easily removed; no needles are involved.Henna is a flowering plant that grows wild. It is now cultivated for making dye from its leaves and twigs. For over 5,000 years henna has been used to adorn the body with temporary tattoos in the Middle East and Africa. In medieval times its use spread to Europe, India and Southeast Asia. Arabic Muslims brought henna to India, where it was adopted and over time henna tattoos became an art form called mehndi. The henna designs became intricate and elaborate in India. Today people use henna tattoos on their bodies for weddings and other festive occasions.

You will enjoy using our simple to apply henna tattoos. You do not have to wait for an ‘occasion’ with our little quickies. Just pop a henna tatoo on anytime you need a lift!

  • Henna Floral Tattoo booklet contains 10 different designs.
  • The designs do not need to be mixed to apply and no needles are involved.
  • The designs fade over several days, or can be easily removed earlier.
  • Use of henna to adorn the body is over 5,000 years old and has grown into an art form called mehndi.
  • Our ready-to-use designs are simple to apply and ready to take out on the town in just moments.

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