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Our small booklet of Henna Tattoos has 13-attractive designs including floral garlands, dainty blossoms, and paisley prints. The designs are printed in a reddish-brown ink reminiscent of the color of henna. The ink color adheres to all FDA cosmetic regulations and is safe to use on all but sensitive skin or around your eyes.To apply first choose a hairless patch of skin. Then cut out the henna design of your choice. Remove the clear top sheet and place face down on your skin. Press firmly, then wet the back of the design with a damp cloth or sponge. Firmly press the cloth over the design for at least 30 seconds, then peel off the paper backing. Rinse gently with water. You’re now ready to take your henna body art out on the town.

Removing your henna design is even quicker. Simply moisten with baby oil or rubbing alcohol and wait 10 seconds. Then you rub the design gently. Repeat the process till the design is gone. Or you can just let it fade away over several days.

  • Our ready-to-use Henna Tattoo collection is easy and quick.
  • You choose from 13 different designs.
  • The ink mimics henna’s distinctive reddish-brown color.
  • Instructions for use are printed on the back cover of the booklet.
  • The henna tattoo is made from polyvinyl acetate copolymer, polyester resin, modified varnish, deodorized petroleum, silicon dioxide, aluminum silicate, iron oxide, FD&C yellow #5 & 6 aluminum lake, D&C Red #7 Lake, FD&C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake.

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