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Ma’s India delightfully aromatic Copal Herbal Soaps are manufactured by R. Expo.This is an Indian family business begun in 1932 by the current family’s grandfather. He established a small manufacturing company called Mathur Perfumery Works. Grandfather Mathur was more a family man than a businessman and was content with a small enterprise. His son followed in his father’s footsteps, satisfied to make products using his father’s popular aromatic formulas. Life changed in the 1960s. Western foreigners were attracted to the Mathur family’s natural products and demand increased to the point where the Mathur family expanded their operations and founded R. Expo in 1972. Today the business supports more than 10,000 families in India along with supporting a number of orphaned children.

R. Expo is now one of the foremost natural herbal products businesses operating from the old-walled city of Delhi in India. Their recent phenomenal growth is the result from their business vision which holds customer satisfaction as its primary goal. The soaps are packaged using recycled paper. Their production techniques rely on traditional naturopathic principles and aromatherapy techniques. Their soaps are free from animal fats and are based on pure coconut oil. Genuine herbal extracts and natural essential oils have been added to enhance the soaps. Each soap moisturizes, softens, and smoothes your skin while leaving you with a tingling clean body. –

  • Night Queen soap ingredients: pure coconut oil, aloe vera extracts, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, rose water, and essential oils. Night Queen’s floral fragrance is intense and its distinct aroma is easily recognizable from 3-6 ft. away.
  • Musk soap is created from muscone, an organic compound that is responsible for its penetrating odor. The scent is said to be sensual and stimulating.
  • Patchouli has an aroma that is grounding and balancing on your emotions, known to banish lethargy and sharpen your wits. It fights anxiety and depression. Some claim it can create an amorous allure.
  • Lavender soap ingredients: pure coconut oil, aloe vera extracts, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, rose water and essential oils. Lavender is the most versatile of fragrances. It refreshes, cools, purifies, heals and revives the psyche.
  • Sandalwood is one of the strongest smelling fragrant plants on earth. It is uplifting and brings inner strength, protection and spiritual guidance.
  • Jasmine is an intensely floral fragrance with a feminine modesty such as you might find in old world cultures. Jasmine purifies your emotions.

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