Hinduism – World's Oldest Organized Religion

Hinduism is generally considered the world’s oldest organized religion. Over the years Hinduism has grown to become the world’s third largest religion after Christianity and Islam. Hinduism differs from Christianity in the sense that it does not have a single founder, a specific theological system, a single system of morality or a central religious organization. For many centuries Hinduism has evolved from thousands of different religions in the India. Most forms of recognize a single deity, and view other Gods and Goddesses as manifestations or aspects of that supreme God. Hindu texts are considered some of the most ancient religious texts still surviving today.

For any newcomer to Hinduism, the book, A Brief Dictionary of Hinduism by Pravrajika Anandaprana is a wonderful Hinduism book for you to consider. This handy Hinduism dictionary will allow you to learn many of the important words that will guide you on your path. Included are philosophical and religious terms, names from Hindu mythology, and a sprinkling of terms related to Indian psychology, history and social customs. The book is primarily directed to students of Vedanta, a branch of Hinduism, but it should easily meet the needs of those who read most basic books on Hindu philosophy. Available for under $7, this Hinduism dictionary is a fabulous way to learn some of the most important words and phrases in the Hindu religion.

Since there are so many different God and Goddesses in the Hinduism religion, the book, Short Description of Gods, Goddesses of Buddhism and Hinduism, published by the Handicraft Association of Nepal, is a great small book that will give the a brief overview of the Gods and Goddesses that have lived in the minds of many for centuries. Each entry is illustrated either with a drawing or a photograph making this a useful resource book for students of eastern religions. The illustrations will help you remember which God or Goddess is which. This book is available at a great low price for everyone to enjoy.

Would you like to share a bit of the Hinduism culture with your friends across the world? The Krishna Art Postcard Book, by 2002 Benjamin Franklin Award finalist B.G. Sharma, is an elegant way to send brilliant postcards to all of your family and friends. In this book Sharma depicts the Hinduism God Krishna with subtle brushstrokes in 32 different postcards. The elegant strokes have created fine details on each of these Hinduism postcards.

These are just some of the wonderful Hinduism products that we currently have at our store. There is so much more for you to explore and find. With over 800,000 Hindu’s in the United States alone, you are certainly not alone in exploring this religion and its deep history. View all of our Hinduism products today at mas-India.com.

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