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Leave it to Ma’s India to tackle even home decorating! While we don’t yet have couches or reclining chairs that we can send you by mail, we do have wonderful and exotic accessories that you can purchase and receive easily. Ma’s India now offers several groups of items that are beautiful, primarily Eastern in flavor, that add a very special touch to your home decorating. And we have several wonderful choices to choose from in each category. The wind chimes and deity door bells bring the sounds of the Far East to your home that are extremely pleasurable. Our decorative boxes hold all kinds of treasures and look fabulous on display shelves, for example. Colorful tapestry throws are an excellent choice for accent hues to make your room décor pop. Brass wall hangings bring not only the Far East, but an overall international flavor to your home. Check out our Interfaith Statues, our candles and candle holders, our incense and incense holders, our website in general. You never know what wonderful items you’ll find that will have their perfect place in your home – you’re only limited by your imagination.-

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