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Dubbed “The Intimate Side of Buddha Lounge,” Sequoia Groove’s “Hotel Tara 2” echoes the latter’s proclivity for high quality global grooves, only with the mellowness factor increased tenfold. David & Steve Gordon, resident mixmasters on this ambient excursion, cherry-picked a simply luscious collection of down-tempo gems for your lounging pleasure, chilled to the point of transcendent bliss. The opening track of Hotel Tara 2, “Navajo” from Jens Gad is a prime example of what you can expect across the board – sensual rhythms, a sea of fluid synthesizers and sublime melodies that bubble up here and there with the effervescence of club soda. Achillea’s “Shears from Scar” evokes a sunrise over the beaches of Ibiza and Win Meyerson’s “Samsara” finds a balance between corner jazz club chic and Asian mysticism. Hotel Tara 2 – a great addition to this series!-

  • Hotel Tara 2 is the second in a terrific compilation series.
  • Hotel Tara 2 rises to the highest level of the Buddha Lounge CD compilation series.

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