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“I, the Mother” is actually a longer poem that is a work in progress. Only selected parts are offered at this time. In this incredibly personal, touching, readable work Ma Jaya shares her life of service. “I, the Mother” is a tale of the heart of a mother being moved by the plight of her children, of her compassionate caring. In Ma Jaya’s own words, “this is the love affair of the Mother and her child.” Only through poetry can the heart be so profoundly touched by the author in such a few pages. Ma Jaya’s poetry enfolds you in her loving embrace. You feel her grief and pain at the loss of her children due to illness, especially AIDS. You learn in reading “I, the Mother” that Ma’s children are all those who she comes in contact with, not merely the children of her womb. Ma speaks of going beyond your destiny, of death, of the light we all yearn to enter. You’ll learn a little bit about Ma Jaya’s past in “I, the Mother, and her relationship with her own mother and the people under Coney Island Boardwalk who helped raise her. Of course she speaks of her Beloved Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and her wise teacher, Swami Nityananda. Ma Jaya also shares stories from her rounds in “I, the Mother,” visits she makes to care centers, hospitals and hospices. This little book is rich in its sharing, an outpouring of a mother’s love for the earth and all its creatures. –

  • Paperback, 31 pages.
  • Published by Ganga Press at Neem Karoli Baba Kashi Ashram in Florida.
  • “I, the Mother” is a heartbreaking, heart-warming collection of stories, insights, and wisdom shared by Ma Jaya.
  • A long poem explaining and honoring the divine feminine on earth.
  • As you read her words in “I, the Mother,” your world gets a little bigger as you gain insight into the vastness of the Mother’s concerns.

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