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Incense & Oils

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Incense’? Is it an exotic aroma from an Eastern temple or the smoky frankincense from a Catholic rite, or perhaps it is white sage burned by Native American Indians. Maybe you choose incense to create a mood – perhaps calming lavender, sensual rose, or uplifting sandalwood. Incense is more versatile than perfumes because tree barks, sap and even roots can be used in its creation. Heat causes these different forms to combine into one unique bouquet of scents. Incense is known world-wide to be able to remove negative energies and clear the air for new, positive energies. When buying a new home, it’s an excellent idea to walk through every room blessing it with new positive energy from the incense of your choice. When you want to create a lasting impression, remember it is said that our sense of smell has the strongest memory.-

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