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Henna Tattoos

Do you want something fun, different and yet traditional for your wedding shower? Why not do henna tattoos on the bride, bridesmaids, or flower girls? For over 5,000 years being decorated with Mehndi henna tattoos before a wedding has been a tradition in India. Today Western brides are joining in the henna tattoo fun.

Male or female, if you are curious how you’d look with a tattoo, henna tattoos give you an opportunity to test before you invest. Or maybe you already love your tattoo but want to see how additional art will integrate. Again, henna tattoos can help you because they are temporary.

Henna tattoos can be simple or elaborate, serious art or doodling. The tattoos are as unique as your own inner vision. The henna designs last from 1-3 weeks and are reddish brown in color. The tattoo fades away as your skin exfoliates.

The henna powder in our tattoo kits is the same henna that is used to dye your hair. However, if you plan to dye your eyebrows or hair, be sure to mix the henna with water only.

Henna is a safe, natural product with over 5,000 years of use. However, as with any product applied to your skin, you should test it. Very rarely some people have an allergic reaction. While henna is safe to use on children – and we carry a kit just for children – they should not eat it; store out of reach from little hands.

All our henna tattoo products come with tips from professional mehndi artists. –

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