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Temporary Tattoos

Experience the look of attractive henna body art without any mixing, flaking or waiting with our stick-ons. The subtle brownish-red color of henna gives the illusion of the ancient transitory body art called mehndi. Floral and exotic body art designs are reproduced in henna tones. These nontoxic designs are waterproof and last for days. However, if you wish, the dye can be removed whenever you wish using either baby oil or rubbing alcohol in just 10 seconds. The colors used to achieve the look of henna follow FDA cosmetic regulations. The stick-ons are safe but should not be applied near your eyes or to sensitive skin. Our henna-look stick-ons mirror the look of Hindu mehndi (meh-hen-di). Mehendi (also spelled mehandi, mendhi, mehendi) is a Hindu word for applying henna as temporary body art. Arabic Muslims brought henna to India where the intricate body art designs evolved. Here henna became an important part of rituals and festivals, and is particularly used to adorn the body in pre-nuptial gatherings. You will find our henna easy-to-use intricate body art designs a fun pick-me-up before a night on the town, having friends over to your place, or just for the fun of it.

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