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Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks are probably the most popular and most versatile form of incense internationally, and there are very good reasons for this:

  • The Incense Sticks are very easy to use...you can either purchase really pretty stick incense holders (right here at Ma’s India, in fact) or you can be totally creative and use all kinds of other receptacles to hold the stick incense as it burns.
  • The Incense Sticks dispense the beautiful incense fragrances all over the room.
  • You can easily catch the burned residue or even sprinkle it around.

Incense Sticks may be created by dipping bamboo sticks in a mixture of coal and essential oils (less expensive) or hand-made where a paste of natural ingredients is rolled onto a stock (more expensive), or even molded into stick-less incense (Tibetan). No matter how it is created, the aromatic bouquet of incense sticks comes from setting it on fire.

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