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On Infinite Om, voices are blended together in chanting OM – the powerful primal sound of the universe. Tibetan and Sanskrit chants are performed by Asakti and Arthur van Alphen. Infinite OM was conceived and produced on Australia’s east coast in beautiful Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a place of creation. No wonder a group of like-minded people chose this place to dive into their desire to help humanity. They chose to follow Aquarian principles in their effort to bring the healing sounds of Tibetan and Sanskrit chants out to the world. The profits from the sale of Infinite OM are being used to benefit humanity, rather than for personal gain. Bells, singing bowls, a clarinet and drum are woven into the singing voices in these ancient chants on Infinite OM. Ancient knowledge of the power of sound is used to affect all who listen to these chants. Soothing harmonics in the chanted words or rhythms smooth out the jagged vibrations in your body and bring you a bit of stillness to enrich your meditation or relaxation time. Asakti and Arthur van Alphen are joined on Infinite OM by Marion Neighbour, Marie van Alphen and Michelle van Alphen. Their efforts are sure to enrich your yoga practice, meditation, or relaxation time.-

  • Infinite OM blends East & West, Occident and Orient to delight and benefit.
  • Sacred Eastern chants from India and Tibet are performed jointly by female and male voices.
  • The chants’ words, phrases, and rhythms act to affect positive change.
  • The 5 track CD contains: Meditation, Purification – Vajrasattva, The Call, Distribution – Gayatri, and Alignment.

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