I-Ching Inner Truth Pendant


Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.To the Taoist Masters, harmony was a sacred thing. They felt that a process was only wholesome when all of its parts flowed together. They wanted to see the diversity of this world as the many expressions of the one Tao. To return to inner truth means harmony of though word and deed. The Taoist masters were outspoken and sometimes said terrible rude things even to emperors. They were more interested in speaking their inner dialog than they were in saving face. They understood that thinking something and yet forbidding themselves to speak it introduced a disturbance into their energy. They valued spontaneity and felt that it corrupted a person to hold back their thoughts. Like children, they said whatever they felt was fun. Finding inner truth means hearing one’s inner guidance, and allowing it to form your words, and even to choose which way your feet will walk. “You” don’t do anything in process. Like any Taoist gifts, inner truth is cultivated by doing without doing. Don’t ask what your own inner truth is, just get out of your own way and look to see what it is, without wondering what it should be.

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