Jade Hand Mala – Semi-Precious Stone Hand Malas

  • I probably don’t need ot tell you that jade has been used for centuries as a beautiful guide to serenity, calm, and healing. It helps us detach from the chaos of life and have compassion for others.
  • Ultimately, it helps us realize our deepest potential as spiritual beings on the path of life.
  • Beautiful Jade Hand Mala with Rudraksha and Tassel. 26 8mm Jade beads with 1 8mm Rudraksha plus a Rudraksha Guru Bead.
  • Shades may vary ever-so-slightly, but the quality and beauty is exquisite in each and every stone.
  • This Jade Mala makes an exellent gift either as Hindu prayer beads or simply a beautiful peice of jewelry.
  • We believe in giving gifts to yourself!!!

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