JAI UTTAL: Footprints


FOOTPRINTS is the debut album from global groove master Jai Uttal. After being enchanted by the sounds of the Asian subcontinent and completing a subsequent pilgrimage to the land itself, Uttal decided to embark on another journey – to hybridize hybrid of American music and the sonorities of the Indian landscape. As a result, smooth jazz and Indian street folk mingle in synthesized tranquility, uniting two distant cultures. An interesting aspect of the recording is that the jazz elements are often performed with Indian instrumentation and vise versa. This genre-bending means that Don Cherry’s trumpet playing sounds surprisingly at home with the dotar and harmonium (especially on “Madzoub” – the brassy sound of the trumpet seems almost a better fit for the ektar than a western instrument like the piano). FOOTPRINTS lays down the groundwork for a path that Uttal is destined to follow, and what an exciting journey it looks to be.

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