Music for Yoga and Other Joys – Jai Uttal

Iconic new age fusion artist Jai Uttal and drummer/songwriter/mixmaster Ben Leinbach pair up for what is Uttal’s first album specifically dedicated towards the practice of yoga – Music for Yoga and Other Joys. Although Music for Yoga and Other Joys may have been conceived to enhance your asanas, this album really would work well with any sort of relaxing activity – be it meditation or simply reading a book. The sonic environment that Jai Uttal has created on this album is Asian-tinged featuring instruments like the dotar and slide tambora (which are played in such a way that they resemble Western guitars/string instruments) along with percussion and bamboo flute playing. Music for Yoga and Other Joys’ central attraction is the kirtan singing of Uttal, whose recognizable voice is filled with rapturous energy and joyful spirituality.-

  • Jai Uttal’s Music for Yoga and Other Joys is perfect for just about any activity or form of relaxation.
  • Jai Uttal is definitely an iconic new-age fusion artist. You don’t get much better than Uttal!

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