Sublime – Jaya Lakshmi

With Sublime, her third solo album for Sequoia Records, angelic chant singer Jaya Lakshmi once again delves into the subtle beauty of Sanskrit mantras, this time with more intricate grooves, courtesy of producer Steve Gordon, and smooth, downbeat rhythmic elements. Sublime lives up to its name in terms of the atmosphere it produces; Sublime has a dreamy, serene vibe that uses Indian folk and spiritual music to give the music depth, while Jaya Lakshmi’s lush layered vocals give her chants a mesmerizing ethereal effect. The trancescapes on Sublime offer a mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboard effects, bansuri flute, sitar, harmonium and tabla, which come together to form a perfect synergy of emotion and groove. Leave it to Jaya Lakshmi: Sanskrit mantras never sounded so sweet!-

  • Jaya Lakshmi’s Sublime, is just that…truly Sublime!
  • Sublime is indeed a transcendental experience as the listener is transported to Spiritual depths and heights.

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