Jewel of Hari – Discount CDs – 25% Off

Jewel of Hari, Jaya Lakshmi’s second solo outing for Sequoia, builds upon the foundation she laid with Ocean of Mercy. Produced by Steve Gordon, the arrangements are lush and exotic, filled with warm guitar strumming, Indian instruments like the sarod and tabla, harmonium, clubby beats and plenty of other mystical flourishes that give the music on Jewel of Hari a sense of ethereal bliss. Lakshmi’s sublime vocals weave through each of the ecstatic backdrops, as she sings a variety of English and Sanskrit-based chants – some traditional and others of her own creation. Jewel of Hari really shows Lakshmi’s growth as an artist and helps to establish her as a rising star in today’s chant music scene. Jewel of Hari is very vibrant and her singing truly enchants, especially on the uplifting title track.-

  • Jewel of Hari, another of Jaya Lakshmi’s CD’s produced by Steven Gordon of the Gordon Brothers, is enchanting, indeed!
  • Jay Lakshmi’s Jewel of Hari will take the listener into bliss for sure!

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