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Ma’s India is proud to present a diversified collection of spiritual and inspirational pendants for your selection. You may want to hang these treasures close to your heart and feel comfort from your Beloved’s nearness. Maybe you hang a Ganesh pendant from your key chain to remind you to ask for protection each time you start your car or open your business door. Perhaps you hang an assortment of our pendants from a charm bracelet, reminders to accept all ways as valid spiritual paths. Maybe you safely suspend one over your little one’s crib, asking your Beloved each time you see it to keep this precious child safe. The uses for our wide range of pendants are only limited by your imagination. Come, browse through our collection and let your creativity soar. –

  • Pictorial, carved faux ivory, silver, gold, gemstone and rudraksha bead pendants are available.
  • You’ll find Tibetan and Hindu OM symbols on silver, gold, turquoise, lapis lazuli, or even bone.
  • Hindu deities – among them Shiva, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Krishna, Kali, Hanuman, Ganesh, and Durga – are available on painted or carved pendants.
  • The beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe, serene Kuan Yin, and a tender Madonna and child on pendants appeal to your love of the Mother.
  • Come browse through our interfaith collection of pendants. If we haven’t already got what you want, let us know.
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