Brass Door Bell with Kali – Deity Door Bells

Ever had an enchanting (and enchanted) door bell? Not something you see a lot. Well, this Brass Door Bell with Kali is very magical because it contains the figure of the Hindu diety, Goddess Kali – not to mention the wonderful sound of the bells. Goddess Kali is the blackest of the black, blacker than any of your inner demons. She eats them right up for you and frees you from the ego that creates obstacles to your happiness. Made of brass with a detailed image of Kali, this doorbell will add that extra something to your residence. The Brass Door Bell with Kali protects all who enter your abode and announces their arrival with love. Inside, if you “unzip” the Black Mother Kali, she is the beautiful Golden Goddess filled with love. This series of door bells with Hindu deities is a unique find and will create opportunities for discussion and perhaps envy from your visitors. Just one of six door bells to choose from, Kali – the all compassionate black Mother – will protect your home and keep it safe. Put out a warm welcome for friends and relatives with this Brass Door Bell with Kali deity door bell.-

  • Our Brass Door Bell with Kali will make the entryway to you home enchanting.
  • Welcome your guests with love, protection and a blessing from Goddess Kali.
  • Our Brass Door Bell with Kali is 6.5 inches.

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