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The Kali Prayer Shawl is made of extra soft rayon fabric with finished edges. These very special Deity Shawls are custom designed specifically for Ma’s India. This lovely shawl is perfect for meditating, sitting in Darshan, doing your spiritual practices. The shawl comes only in black, in keeping with the fact that Kali is also known as the Black Goddess, for she is blacker than your blackest ego and can take from you all that you don’t need. It will cover you with the essence of the Goddess Kali. Size: 68″w x 45″h

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  1. I have a white prayer shawl with Shivas on it. I wear it while meditating and in satsang. This is the shakti. The perfect shakti to create the balance when sometimes Kali Ma is the only one who can hold my hand while I’m doing the WORK. The quality is amazing and you won’t find one like this anywhere except for Ma’s India.

  2. The shawl is lovely. It’s a great design and the material is very nice. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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