Kali Puja Live – thankyoupage

Ma’s India is pleased to offer you a special CD treat. “Kali Puja Live” contains devotional music to the Mother Kali from many spiritual disciplines and by many musical artists. Bonus features in this album include inserts containing the artists’ biographies, the lyrics to the chants and their translations, and photos. What a bargain we have for you! The Hindu goddess Kali is gaining a growing number of followers in the West. See Ma’s India’s article of “Kali” for a description of this Mother that is beyond the film depiction. Kali is the Mother of Time in Hindu mythology. She helps rid you of all attachments by taking them into herself, becoming very black as she takes on your darkness. Kali lives to free you. As she absorbs bigotry, sorrow, evil and any darkness from you, you become lighter. Mother Kali is a well of compassion. As you listen, let your worries, sorrows, sadness, or pettiness flow away with the rhythm of the music, then fill up again with the pure tones of the artists’ sounds.-

  • Featured artists include: Bhagavan Das, Haradhan Chakraborty, the David Stringer Kirtan Ensemble, Sudha Srikumar, Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati, Krishna Gopinathan, and Premanand Trikannad.
  • Photos and artist bios, along with lyrics and their translations are included with this album.

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