Kali Statue – 9″

Don’t ever be afraid of Kali no matter how black or frightening she looks, for, if you “unzip” her, she is really the golden goddess underneath her blackness. It is simply her job to “take all that you don’t need” by being, on the outside, blacker than the blackest ego that is standing in your way. This beautiful Kali Statue, imported from India, and made of polyresin, is particularly incredible. The artisans that created her have taken painstaking time and effort to ensure that every detail, every color is perfect. From her highly detailed headdress to her ten arms holding implements to battle your ego to the severed heads and hands on her waist, this Kali Statue is magnificent.

Standing on Shiva’s chest, this particular Kali statue makes a statement expressing the fullness of the Hindu tradition. It is Goddess Kali’s job description to kill your ego, separating the outer you from your inner most perfection. This Kali Statue takes her job very seriously and really doesn’t care if she scares you or not, because her love is more powerful than any fear. Can you imagine being willing to be that frightening looking just for the good of all humankind? Just invite this Kali Statue into your home and see how much you come to love her powerful image…and see her golden goddess within, just as you see your own.-

  • 9” tall
  • Made of polyresin
  • Imported from India

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