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Mother Kaliís name in Sanskrit, Ďkala,í means time. She is the power of time, which in the end devours all. Kali absorbs all your demons (like sorrow, bigotry, evil, any darkness), becoming uglier and darker in the process. She takes what you donít need, past and present, physically and spiritually. When you see Kali portrayed bloated and hideous, you know she is winning the battle.You will find our statues of Mother Kali in different poses. When her right foot is stepping and the sword is in her left hand, she is called Dakshina Kali. Conversely, when her left foot is stepping and her sword is in her right hand, she is referred to as Smashan Kali. Standing with both feet on Shiva, she is called Bhavatarini, the redeemer of the universe. Kaliís complexion is black while her consort Shiva is often shown covered in ash and appears white. Together they encompass all possibilities, all colors and the absence of color or all of creation.

Kali is often pictured with long, wild black hair, a garland of skulls around her neck, a belt of severed arms or hands circling her waist. Each aspect of the statue has a symbolic meaning. There is a soft Kali, a golden Kali, who dwells within even the fiercest looking warrior Kali. There is skinny Kali on the prowl for demons and a bloated Kali sated on darkness. You are sure to find a statue here that will suit your meditation needs. Ė

  • The Jungle Kali statue (shown above) is located on the Kali Path on Kashi Ashram.
  • Kali is the consort of Shiva and the goddess of destruction and creation.
  • The Hindu goddess Durga gave birth to Kali from her third eye.
  • For further information about Mother Kali.

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