Kali Batik Wall Hanging – 33″ x 44″ – Clearance

Mother Kali’s black color comes from the darkness she takes from you, as does her bloated body. Beware of a skinny Kali – she is out to eat whatever you don’t need, past and present, both ego and attachments. Kali’s name comes from the Sanskrit word for time, ‘kala’. Mother Kali represents the power of time which can devour all there is. When you think of time, see the ocean endlessly beating against the cliffs of Dover. Slowly but surely the mighty rocks are being ground down into the finest sand. No matter what boulders are in your way, given enough time they’ll disappear. Kali’s sword arm cuts away your ego and your attachments. The skulls around Kali’s neck represent each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet and are reminders of the power of your words to do harm. One skull stands for the primal sound of OM. The black of Mother’s body evokes the primordial void, providing a restful emptiness. There is a sense of possibility and potential. –

  • Kali is the goddess of destruction and creation.
  • She awakens you, helping you to be able to recognize your attachments.
  • Kali grows darker as you grow lighter.
  • The vibrant Kali Batik Wall Hanging measures 33” by 44”.
  • Please note that these batiks are handmade and there might be variation in color and design.

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