Kali Puja


The complete worship of the Divine Mother who Takes away Darkness, includes Her advanced puja, Her thousand names, the mantras and mudras for traditional offerings, as well as the systems of worship for begetting spiritual children. Also available to accompany the text is a beautiful CD or cassette of Shree Maa’s recitation of the thousand names. It includes the original Sanskrita mantras, Roman phonetic transliteration and English translation.
About the Author When Swami Satyananda’s guru invited him to trek into the Himalayas, he asked what he should bring along. “Nothing,” came the reply. Fifteen years later, Swamiji knew the mountain pathways as well as the Hindu systems of worship. His numerous books and translations of ancient Sanskrit texts are available all over India, as well as in the United States, and he is widely regarded as a Master of the ancient Vedic fire ceremony and other systems of worship. Now Swamiji invites us to trek into the Himalayas and listen and learn from the sadhus of the mountains.

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