KARNAMRITA: Dasi – Prayers for Women


Although Karnamrita has been singing bhajans since she was young, it was at the request of her dying mother that she decided to take music more seriously and develop her natural gifts. The culmination of this study can be heard on DASI: PRAYERS BY WOMEN, an album that presents an exquisite collection of sacred chants and bhajans themed after women’s prayers from Hindu scripture. Karnamrita has an absolutely beautiful voice – warm, loving and full of passion for that which she sings about. The songs range in style, from joyous, rhythmic tunes like “The Glories of Sri Radha” to slower, more introspective pieces like the string-based “Yamunastakam.” Instrumentation includes tabla, guitar, strings and harmonium. Also of note is the glossy 16 page booklet that accompanies the CD. Within it, Karnamrita talks more about the lives of the women who inspired the songs and delves into the meaning of the Sanskrit text.

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